Weekly health tips from the health professionals

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is cervical cancer awareness month. Ladies are adviced to;

  • Have annual pap smear test.
  • Follow up on abnormal pap smear results
  • Talk to your doctor about vaccination
  • Avoid irresponsible sexual practices.
  • Avoid smoking

Festive weight

Many people will be dieting and working out to shed the extra  pounds they put on during the festive season.

This is usually an uphill task.

You should be concerned if you lose weight without making  any effort.

See your doctor if you progressively lose 5 or more kilograms without making  any effort.



Anxiety over health, money or family problems is common but excessive worry can prevent a person from leading a normal life.

Speak to your doctor if you ;

¨ Worry intensely about everyday matters.

¨ Feel restless and have trouble relaxing.

¨ Have difficulty concentrating.

¨ Have trouble sleeping or falling asleep.

¨ Feel tired all the times.

¨ Are easily startled.

¨ Sweat a lot, feel light headed or are out of breath.

Visit more

The festive period provides us an ideal opportunity to talk to,  visit or engage with people around us. Some of us have a close family member or friend we think is lonely. A Christmas or new year resolution to see our friends and family more often can boost our own mental well being as well as that of others.


Mental attitude

A healthy mental attitude determines how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices.

You can take care of your mental health by

  • Being physically fit.
  • Connecting with others.
  • Developing a sense of meaning and purpose in life.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Meditating on God’s word.
  • Getting professional help if needed.

Is it taking you longer than it did to learn a new task?

Have you forgotten about a Doctor’s appointment?

You may be suffering form a mild or serious memory problem. Seek a doctor’s help to determine if your problem is normal or not, or what is causing it.

Signs of a serious memory problem include:

  • Asking the same question repeatedly.
  • Getting lost in familiar places.
  • Not being able to follow instructions.
  • Becoming confused about time, people and places.

Black eye?

Most black eye injuries aren’t serious. The discoloration is caused by bleeding of the skin under the eye; gently apply a cold pack or a cloth filled with ice to the area several times a day for a day or two. Incase you develop vision problems, severe pain or bleeding in your eye or form your nose, see a doctor.


If you know someone who is depressed provide support and encouragement by:

  • Listen, offer your ear not advice or opinions.
  • Give positive reinforcement.
  • Remind them how much they mean to you.
  • Make plans together.
  • Take walks and meals together.
  • Do not forget to PRAY for them.