December: Celebration, A time to Worship

Praise God! We have come this morning to worship God the creator, our redeemer and te Lord of our souls, the Lord of the heaven and earth. By so doing, we join the rest of creation in declaring God’s praise and glory upon the earth and heavens.

The month of December is known for its 25th day with is the day of Christmas. It mostly elicits a no care about it’s a what …. and a how …. questions of its celebration. Perhaps as a Christian you have also adopted the popular culture of the day. There is a huge question on how we should celebrate this moth as Christians. We can only do this by offering to God a Celebration of Worship.

Hebrews 6:5, 21 is calling us to worship before the Lord. The phrase, “before the Lord” occurs six times in this chapter Vs 5,14,16,17 and twice in 21. The point is, we’re not to be caught up with the celebration but with the Lord. During this month we’re not to be food, gift and people centered, but God-centered. Christmas is not only a time to thing about great family celebration, great food but rather, a great celebration of a great God, our Lord Jesus Christ, Emmanuel God with us.

We are to worship before a great, lovely and gracious God. This God has visited us and His name is Emmanuel. He is with us as we offer praise and celebration of worship for his grace upon us. He has been faithful to us as individuals and also as a community of faith. Let us rise up and offer him a celebration of worship and praise.

Dominick Odiembo – CTY Director