God’s desire to Favor his people

Right from Genesis God gave Adam and Eve all they ever needed. That is, created them in His image and likeness, blessed them, gave them dominion over the whole creation and gave them one another, but they forsook all these for self ratification. God had given his word which clearly demonstrates that the consequence of obedience to His word is blessing as disobedience brings curses and hardship. However, given that no man can thwart God’s purpose of His creation, He took a gracious redemptive journey of restoring man back to Himself. This redemptive journey finds its biblical thread from Abraham ( Gen 12:1-3 ) to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our understanding of God’s unlimited favor should be informed by our understanding of God’s Justice, Mercy and Grace. The justice of God demands our death as sinners while His mercy is what helps us not to receive death which is rightfully and His grace the means through which we get the good that we do not deserve ( external life plus all the good from God) and that is unlimited favor.

Without God’s mercy and unlimited favor we would die. Everyday God supplies us with the light of the sun, air to breath and something to eat and drink. He gave His only begotten son our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, whose ministry on earth was to restore us to God the father so that we could operate to our greatest potential and oms importantly enjoy eternal life. Apart from Christ He also gave us His word in the bible which we must read and hide its message in our hearths that we may not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11) in such a way that what it teaches becomes a part of us.

Dominick Odiembo – CTY Director

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