How to accelerate unlimited Favour in your life

Walking on Water : Mathew 14:22-23

Jesus spoke to Peter and said ” come ” Peter got out of the boat without any waste of time and came towards Jesus (Mathew 14:29). When he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the storm, his faith began to waver and he began sinking.

Life’s destructions can be enemies of faith, maintain your focus on the goal and you will walk in victory.

Walking on water requires:-

  • A faith anchored in God’s word
  • A faith that steps out
  • A faith focused on the goal
  • A faith that prays
  • A faith that depends on God

A life of victory is possible for all. Victory is not far away from you. Victory is within you. Believe in God’s word concerning your destiny. Shut your ears to the distracting whispers of the enemy ( John 10:10)

He has come tha t you may receive unlimited favor. Amen

Have a great week.

That’s the issue.

Rev Dr. A. Kanga,

Parish Minister

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