Happy New 2020. We are glad that the Lord has been gracious to us and allowed us to see this New Year. Last year you remember, as a Parish we went through God’s Unlimited Favour and indeed the Lord favoured us in a number of ways.

God used our very committed and supportive leadership team under the shepherding of our ordained elders in a great way. Through agreement and coordination our congregations grew both spiritually and numerically. We encourage members to take time and pray for this group of people as they provide leadership and labour among us in the parish.

As your minister, my heart gives thank to the Lord for His unlimited favour as expressed by David in Psalm 100. Last Year, 2019 the Year of God’s Unlimited Favour we were able to craft and start implementing our 5 year Parish Strategic Plan.

This Year, the Year 2020, the Lord is pointing us to His Glorious Breakthrough as was experienced by Isaac in Genesis 26:1-25.  There are 3 dynamics of God’s Glorious Breakthrough for us to understand and fathom in 2020. We have had depressing and stressing seasons. Therein lies the face of challenges (V. 1, 6-11). In the apprehensive situation God sends his Word, that stipulates and encourages a departure (V.2-5). When the Word is acted upon God’s Revival or Breakthrough is experienced (V.12-25).

My good people we have been located by God to fulfill His Kingdom’s agenda of redeeming mankind. We have been set apart by Him as a chosen people and a holy nation for His work on Earth. For the next 12 months, we want to declare God’s breakthrough in every situation of our church, of our families and of our nation. We want to declare God’s breakthrough in hearing His voice through His Word – we want to be a Word driven church. Lastly we want God’s breakthrough in revival upon you and each member of your family

I encourage you to perceive what the Lord is upto in this wonderful theme. It’s a new decade of great opportunities.

Rev. Dr. A. Kanga, Parish Moderator

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